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Old news

24 July 2001: Completely rearranged releases page - now more recent releases are on top of page (they were on the bottom previousely).
Participated in Paradox'2k1. Our 64k got 3rd place out of 5 available.

Releases from Paradox are now available:
"Accept my love and sail away..." 64k intro
"Hard" music by Dr SCSI
"Future" music by NOR
"Previous life" music by Razta2000

10 July 2001: 64k intro for Paradox'2001 is almost ready, other releases too. But still there is no demo, I hope to make it in following week. Also I have put new banner to Cooler E-mag official site and corrected some dead links.

29 June 2001: We are preparing new releases to Paradox'2001. It'll be a 64k intro, some music and some gfx. Maybe there will be a demo. By the way - we went OpenGL, so visual quality of our releases will improve...
Updated NFO part of this site.

12 May 2001: We participated in Millennium'1901, so there is a new release. It's music by Razta2000. Go leech it. And go to sources page. There are 3 new sources: New Year Overture, Maxidemo and Cooler #1 shell. 6 May 2001: Releases page was updated. Now most of our releases are available.

5 May 2001: Site is finished and uploaded. You should be happy now. :)

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