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14 November 2001: We have finally got new and really good hosting. So problems with slow downloading and other are gone forever. Great thanks to V!shK@ for giving us such a present. You can find new site on Old site on do still exist, but it wouldn't be updated.
Other good news. Very promising graphician has joined our team. He's name is Theodor, and his debut work will be brand new site of our group. Just wait for it!
Now some news about future demos and other works. I have recieved some time ago new tunes from Razta2000, so you will find them on recent parties. FatCrazer started learning Maya, so be prepared for some nice rendered artwork. And talking about demos - our engine is almost finished and was already tested in Sigma's latest demo, so...
And at last... All issues of russian language scene magazine Cooler can be now downloaded here, so no more whining about uability to get them ;-)

26 August 2001: Old awaited release is at last here: "Out of Style" final also known as "Out of style 2". This is greatly remade demo presented on Assembly'2001. Download it.

23 August 2001: Participated in Chaos Constructions'001. FatCrazer was not only a comper, but also an organiser. Our unfinished demo was delayed and will be presented on MrS (or any other party that will be held soon). Geltorn is still coding brand new shell for Cooler e-mag.

Releases from CC'01 are now available:
"It's time to jam" music by Dr SCSI
"Are we happy?" music by Razta2000

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